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from around the world calling for change in the wake of ●his brother's death. "Honor them, honor George and make t●he necessary changes that make law enforcement the soluti●on and not the problem." "If his death ends up changing t●he world for the better, and I think it will, then he die●d as he lived. It is on you to make sure his death isn't 

駃n vain." said Philonise. Wednesday's hearing came one da●y after George Floyd was laid to rest, and two days after● congressional Democrats introduced a piece of legislatio●n seeking sweeping reforms to policing policies, which wi●ll make it easier to prW


osecute police misconduct cases an●d prevent excessive use of force by law enforcemeq

nt. Demo●cratic congresswoman Karen Bass, chair of the Congression●al Black Cy

aucus that led the drafting of the Justice in P●olicing Act of 2020, said in h8